Status Reports

Keeping our clients informed as to the status of their claims is a key element in our formula for success.  We know this is important to anyone managing an accounts receivable portfolio.  We make it a point to continuously keep you advised on the current status of each of your claims.

Skip Tracing

A major component of our superior collection results is the ability to locate debtors.  This effort is difficult, time consuming and expensive but will often make the difference between "bad debt" and Paid in Full".  In both commercial and consumer claims, WE TAKE THE TIME to do it right.   If we can't find your debtor, no one can.

Litigation Services

When it becomes necessary to forward your account to an attorney, we will:

  1. Negotiate the most reasonable fees on your behalf.

  2. Seek your approval of same.

  3. Forward the matter to the attorney of choice.

  4. Report to you periodically on the progress of the litigation.

National/ World Wide Coverage

ABCC knows no boundaries when it comes to pursuing payment of our client's claims.  Our International Division, for example, has proven to be of invaluable assistance to clients doing business in Central and South America, Europe and the Far East.  We are pleased to be able to offer this service.

Competitive Rates

As any smart person knows, the lowest price for a product does not necessarily mean the best value.  This is particularly true of a service such as ours where a greater degree of effort will usually result in higher collection efficiency.

We do have a specific rate schedule which can vary, based upon the individual client's needs.

At ABCC our rates are determined by two basic factors:

  1. The average aging of claims.

  2. The average balance of claims.

Sensitivity to Clients Needs

Whether it be a status report, a remittance or anything else you might require, we at ABCC are flexible enough to accommodate your needs on your timetable.  Rest assured that we will always do whatever is necessary to justify your use of our services.

Prestigious Client Base

ABCC serves both the public and private sectors and continues to build on its growing client base.  Our Clients range from Fortune 500 multi-nationals to small entrepreneurial firms. Manufacturers, leasing companies, distributors and retailers have all discovered the " ABCC Edge".

No Collection - No Charge

If we are unable to collect any account and recommend the closing of our file and the account is forwarder to another agency and they are successful in collecting the debt in full we will pay the collection charges incurred.  Please advise.

Other Industries Serviced

Shoe Industry, Textile Industry, Electrical Wholesalers, Sporting Goods Distributors, Travel Agencies, Architectural Firms, Accounting Firms, Toy Manufacturers, Industrial Equipment Companies, Wire and Steel Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, Office Furniture Manufacturers, Garment Industry, Leasing Companies, Private Security Firms, Paper Manufacturing Companies, Private Schools - Tuition.

Professional Affiliations

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